With the experience it has gained over the years in the field of fixtures, windows and doors and the professional approach of the dedicated technical department, Polistamp is able to manufacture complex systems such as traditional and structural continuous façades and insulated fixtures in all possible variants, taking care of the customisation of any intervention.


Appearance is everything when it comes to managerial buildings, a company‘s true calling card in order to convey a strong, well-defined personality.

A unique, distinctive architectural form, combining top-of-the-range materials and structural design, is therefore essential in order to attract attention and stand out with class and elegance, putting the focus on staff wellbeing and ensuring optimum brightness and comfort, thanks to the design of cutting-edge components that contribute to thermal insulation and soundproofing in all areas.


Functionality and safety are essential when designing new industrial structures and structural adaptations for existing buildings.

The extremely high quality of our materials and the use of technological systems give the structure the necessary comfort to provide staff with a safe and efficient working environment, with significant energy savings. Each solution is also designed to ensure maximum convenience and ease of installation.


More than ever, the requirements of commercial structures have to focus on durability and resistance to wear, essential in order to offer high standards of liveability and aesthetics. It is therefore essential for the design of the fixtures to be based on high-quality materials and structural solutions combining aesthetic and practical roles, able ensure their characteristics remain unchanged over time.


Design, technology and top-of-the-range materials for housing solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your home. Windows, French windows and façades able to bring brightness to the environment are critical in creating an atmosphere of wellbeing and contribute to thermal insulation and soundproofing with consequent energy savings. Aesthetic balance and technology come together in customised solutions designed specifically for each property.