Sliding doors


BT 140 SV

The BT120SV vertical sliding door is used for cold rooms up to -40°C.

These doors are mainly used in areas where there is not enough space for the installantion of horizontal sliding doors.

Produced with monolithic leaf injected with high density polyurethane foam, it is supplied with a PVC or wood finishing frame. The seal of the door is guaranteed by EPDM foam gaskets fitted along the perimeter of the leaf.

The vertical sliding system is furnished with two moving cables and two rails, one on the left and one on the left side of the door. This door is balanced by a counterweight system which also facilitates the opening and closing moviment. This vertical door is also equipped by an anti-fall safety system which avoids or decelerates the closing of the door in case that one of the cables breaks.

Bt 140 sv

Scheda tecnica

Technical information

Type: Vertical sliding door

Material: Monolithic sash injected with high-density polyurethane foam, it is supplied on a PVC or coated wood frame.

Suitable for: cold rooms up to -40°C

Maximum size: by request

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