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Sandwich panels for construction

Our selection of sandwich panels offers durable and versatile solutions for prefabricated construction.

Resistance and Versatility

We produce insulated panels with various types of insulated material through a batch system and with a lot of widths and thicknesses. There are lots of employements in the manufactoring industry and in the construction and refrigeration sector. The different interlocking and coating possibility make it easy to identify the type that most fits with each use.

We offer to the specialists modular constructions and pratical and economic solutions, which allow a faster installation of the monoblocks by using panels with pre-assembled fixtures or kit for faster mounting. This is translated also in attention to eco-sustainability as well as the production time.

Thanks to its technical office, Polistamp is able to design and realise panel types, which are constructed by following th specific needs of the costumers.

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Revolutionise your prefabricated building projects with our sandwich panels. Whether you choose PA polyurethane, PE polyurethane or rock wool, our panels provide thermal insulation, strength and ease of assembly, ideal for efficient and sustainable construction.

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