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Pre-assembled systems for construction

Discover our pre-assembled systems, perfect for speeding up and simplifying construction processes.

Efficiency and Speed of Installation

The integration of the pre-assembled frames on the panels allows a conservation of the time in the yard and a conservation in the finished product, because the cuts and the waste are optimized and recovered in the production process. A complete prefabricated system, like the pre-assembled door or window, replace the installation of the individual components from the costumer. In this way you get numerous advantages.

For example, the door panel, which is completely realised by Polistamp, allows to reset the production waste, because the hinged is realised by recovering the sheet cut. We can also provide panels with assembled window or panels kits that make way for the assembly of the window. As well as providing panels with perforations upon costumers drawing.

Testo sistemi

Panel with pre-assembled frame

Pannello con infisso premontato

Pre-assembled systems for construction

Door pre-assembled on the panel

Production waste is reduced to zero

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Pre montato finestra

Pre-assembled systems for construction

Window pre-assembled on the panel

Reduced time on site with greater savings on the finished product

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Kit panels

Kit pannelli es1

Pre-assembled systems for construction

Panel kit example no. 1

Assembled, the panel kits leave space for mounting the window

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Kit pannelli es2

Pre-assembled systems for construction

Panel kit example no. 2

It is possible to supply panels with pre-drilled holes according to the customer's drawing or specifications.

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