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Cold rooms

Modular and modular cold rooms capable of satisfying multiple needs.


Macro System

Macro System is a program of modular cold rooms able to satisfy several requirements and needs. Macro cold rooms are constructed by polyurethane sandwich panels (density 40+-2 kg/m3) measuring 400 mm with 200 mm modules on both sides, thus being suited to providing small, medium and large capacity containers with flexible characteristics.

Customized cold rooms may be produced on request.

Macro system prodotto


Wall panels/Ceiling panels

Sandwich panel composed by two metal sheets insulated with polyurethane foam. This is available in four different thicknesses:

Thicknesses: T60 = mm. 60 | T80 = mm. 80 | T100 = mm. 100 | T140 = mm. 140

Width mm: 400 - 800 - 1.000 - 1.200

Length Max mm: 6.000

Walls finishing


Smooth RAL 9010 prepainted white zinc plates 5/10 thick suited to accidental contact with food products.

Finiture pareti


Smooth white fibreglass suited to contact with food products.



INOX AISI 304/316 Plastified steel sheet

Optional 02


Standard with a walking surface coated in galvanized steel sheet thick mm. 0,7 plasticized with antiskid R10 rigid PVC film thick 200 micron in grey color. External surface coated in prepainted metal sheet galvanized with Sendzimir system.

Load capacities: uniformly distributed static load 3000 kg/m2 - dynamic load 90 kg

Usage: Completely lying on a perfectly flat surface or on pvc ventilation profiles- in this case the capacity decreases by 30%. 

Floor P1

Standard walk-in floor with plastified galvanized steel antislip 7/10

Static load: 1.600 Kg/mq

Precise load: 100 Kg

Pavimento p1

Floor P2

Floor in laminated phenolic plywood

Static load: 4.000 Kg/mq

Precise load : 120 Kg

Dynamic load: 220 Kg/m2

Pavimento p2

Floor P3

Roll-in reinforced floor in skinplate 7/10 glued on 9 mm marine plywood

Static load: 4.500 Kg/mq

Precise load : 150 Kg

Dynamic load: 250 Kg/m2

Pavimento p3

Floor P4

Standard inox 8/10 walk-in floor for cold rooms with met glass resin laminate and inox

Static load: 1.900 Kg/mq

Precise load: 110 Kg

Pavimento p4

Standard doors

Standard size net of passage mm 800x1900H and 980x1900H (with no price variation between these two solutions) equipped with external handle with key and internaI safety release visible in the dark and hinges with lifting ramps. Equipped with con- densation proofing on the coldroom for low temperatures.
We produce the door wing with the same high quality material of our panels. The door frame in aluminium, the treat in aluminium 20/10, the air tighted gaskets, adjustable hinges, the external handle with its key lock and the internal safety release visible in the dark contribute to make a strong and high quality door.

Porte standard

Hinged glass doors

For coldrooms with positive temperatures up to 0°

Glass door with size net of passage mm 600x1900H mounted on panles 1000 mm or 1200 mm width.
Equipped with external handle with lever latch and internaI pushing safety release from the inside and hinges with lifting ramps.

We produce the door wing with tempered safety glasses and air chambers 23 mm 4T/23/5T/23/4T. The door frame in alumin- ium, the threshold in aluminium 20/10, the magnetic air tighted gaskets and the lower gasket that can be magnetic or floor ones contribute to make a strong and high quality glass door.

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